Sunday, May 24, 2015


The US OPEN happens this year right next to the [Paul] Garrison Springs trout hatchery in Chambers Bay. Because at the end of the filming of 1980's CADDYSHACK prophecy some airline pilot radioed in an emergency report about an [ALASKA] airliner crashing on a golf course. ~ ~ Going back to when I myself suddenly crashed at Ken Keisler's place on nearby Days Island marina for classic 29' wooden sailboats right before the 1260/1290 days prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephrain suddenly appearing on the radio in sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CJ: I still owe your late husband Nyle Smith's estate $900 in back rent. For the exact same 900 bucks that I still owe KK in 10% overdraft commissions, circa 1996. ~ ~ Would you both be willing to double down two or three times already and accept 9 large at this late point in the game and we all call it even Steven? ~ ~ PS TERRY McKNIGHT: According to the above reckoning, I now owe you 33 large. ~ ~ PS SEAN AND ANDREW: According to my above guilty pleasure mathematics, I now owe each of you one big one. And I don't owe your mother from Epinal, France, Laurence Pierceson, shit. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: That Ash Wednesday earthquake happened off of Anderson Island. ~ ~ Don't make me send my two boys after you to get my ten percent payola like at the end of CADDYSHACK. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Washington State's no income tax status quo is a prophecy about the time when there will no longer be an income tax from Washington, DC. Plus, you get to become completely cured of your homogaysexual Jewish problem. ~ ~ And then you get to start enjoying your new life as an olderish born again Christian man fucking underaged girls who look like HANNA MONTANA type Boy Scouts. ~ ~ Look at it like this. You are one of God's special exception cases. Wherein I get 90% and you get to keep 10%. ~ ~ Since you think that you are God; and God always gets his 10%. ~ ~ And that goes for you too Bill Gates. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: All that you have to do is shoot 6 half hour segments about some older guy fucking teenage girls on his 51' sailboat tied up on Union Bay in Seattle and you have completely fulfilled your direct to tv movie contract deal with for ten big ones. ~ ~ Trust me on this one. You would not even have to leave the dock. ~ ~ Include CJ DELI in your craft services contract for all of your brown-sack egg salad sandwiches on wheat needs. And I WILL make sure that everything is well that ends well; times ten. ~ ~ Like that old rich Jew fuck says at the end of CADDYSHACK, "...we're gonna get laid!!!" And then he went on to enjoy an amazingly born again career in the movies for quite some years.

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