Friday, May 22, 2015


Yeah we know, the NYT still has a serious Jewish problem; as if I'm not half Jewish myself. ~ ~ For example, here is a royal blue blood transfiguration [Kit Winn] figure making a toast to the preservation and restoration of the nearly extinct lost tribes of Israel, Ernist Hemmingway style, at: ~ ~ Think MY OWN PRIVATE PORTLAND, OREGON meets THE SNOWS OF KILLAMANJARO at: ~ ~ Because the last time that I ever saw Kit, I was wearing that very same J.PETERMAN CATALOGUE mail-order hat seen in the above link. ~ ~ If you don't believe me, just ask him; not me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEAR COUSIN DAVE NOTES: Our beloved uncle Dickie died in Northern Seattle on Jesus Christ's 4.6 Branch Davidian birthday anniversary. And then at his [1260 days era] gravesite memorial, your little innocent daughter who just had had brain tumor surgery suddenly shouted out that Dickie was not supposed to die until Jesus would come back to save us from the 666 beast. ~ ~ Whereupon I looked at her and said that she was right on the money. And everyone else there just looked at me, in stone silence, as if I was just as crazy as her. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: You are not going to be allowed to move forward and get completely cured of your deep throat cancer insider career until and unless you admit that Obama's birth certificate is a fake. ~ ~ Talk about completely scraping out the bottom of the rotten apples barrel. ~ ~ PS DAVE: Now that those hook nose fucks at SHOWTIME have finally agreed to pay you what they said they were going to pay you in the first place; how about you and the girls just go ahead and shoot the entire thing at some fly fishing dude ranch in Montana? ~ ~ Personally, if it were up to me, I would set the series' location at that high society log cabin delevopment for billionaires like Bill Gates in the Yellowstone area where Justin Timberlake et al are now living. ~ ~ Because Jesus has personally informed me that I am not going to have that much time to go fly fishing in the next 50/50 years. ~ ~ However, if I live near a really nice trout stream or a lake somewhere in England, or Montana, or even on Vancouver Island, BC, then maybe, just maybe. But only in the evening after one is done with one's daily chores and family responsibilities. ~ ~ Think SCOOP meets MATCH POINT. ~ ~ LUCKY U NOTES: Today's 5.3 along Nevada's Rt.317 in Obama's bone dry EZE.37 Lincoln County was for me hitting the golden state nugget [777] jackpot in LEP:3 and then getting lucky with my first three wives; Scarlett Johansson, Amber Heard, and Emma [gem] Stone at the same time. ~ ~ This being the sudden disappearance of Conan O'Brien in the 3rd LEPRECHAUN movie. Which was a Providential prelude to the sudden vanishing of David Letterman's fantasy existence career for 33 years at CBS. ~ ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Yeah, I'm gonna be reviewing your CADDY SHACK prophecy in the lead up to the US OPEN in Tacoma, for sure. ~ ~ PS STANLEY TUCCI: I always like to throw a chopped up eggplant into my simmering pot of polo cacciatore in the final 30 minutes third act. Which gives the dish a nice parmasan eggplant flavor when you serve it up with a little grated goat urine cheese on top and a nice hard crusted 'pane compagna' wheat roll on the side.

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