Monday, April 10, 2017


Who gives a flyboy fuck anymore anyway about anything? ~ Much less Hollywood's phony politics family values movie ratings. ~ Therefore, there is a latter day saints reason why the former PG rated DISNEY CHANNEL tv star Miley Cyrus has an inspired 'X' tattoo on her arm of flesh; formed by two Montana Indian medicine arrows. ~ So let's start with this clip of her Aussie pussy-lover bothering her while she is trying to manage her latest INSTAGRAM posting at: ~ Which has him doing her doggie-pet style before she ends up with a load of mayonnaise all over her BODY OF CHRIST, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1994 NOTES: I myself started to wise up and get real too; back when I attended some crazy lunatic SUNSTONE SYMPOSIUM for Mormon homosexuals and lesbians who believed that a two state solution for Israel would lead to lasting peace. ~ BREVITY NOTES: Some folks just refer to me as "the dude". ~ Hence that recent THE BIG LEBOWSKI type bowling ally confrontation between Shia LaBeouf [The beefy one in old French.] and his fellow bowlers who he was screaming at, at: ~

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