Sunday, April 9, 2017


I continue to be amazed how much I AM like Michael Moore and Mel Gibson. ~ Because I support Donald Trump for bombing Syria, and they support Hillary Clinton; just because both ot them are so bad ass. ~ And both them do things and say things without there being any evidence to back them up. ~ Much like the usual mindless middle-of-the-road media crap that we see every day in any Robert Redford or Ivan Rietman Jr. movie. ~ For instance, the Russians had nothing to with those 55 gallon drumbs full of toxic MSG chemicals in THE KING OF NEW YORK meets ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. ~ Exactly like the white Russians had nothing to do with the election of Trump in 16. ~ In other words; Trump does his thing; Putin does his thing; I do my thing; all is well that ends well. ~ "The bums will always lose!" THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ "Bummer..." says the little Lebowski, a.k.a. Mr.Relf. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REV.14 NOTES: The blood soaked 200 mile road from Trump's DC to Trump's NYC is what the last verse of REV.14 is talking about. ~ Which is around the same distance between Seattle and Portland; just for starters. ~ Like in that medium priced CHINATOWN restaurant scene in THE KING OF COMEDY meets TAXI DRIVER meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets MALE NOCHE. ~ PS EMMA WATSON: Please do not take lightly my full REED COLLEGE scholarship that I AM is offering you. ~ Think out it. ~ During your summer breaks you get to fuck my [Royal Prince of England] son Andy, and his cute blond girlfriend too, during Mt.Hood's legendary spring break wet melting snow pussy season. ~

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