Saturday, April 1, 2017


That polite society professor in the STATIC episode looks and acts like the late Mormon [1290 days] polluted temple film actor Gordon Jump. ~ Who played the static radio station manager in WKRP, [W carp radio] at: ~ Who himself was a "Big Guy" Rush Limbaugh radio man in real life who was very sceptical of my own private GSR/TWN postings right up to the end of his life, circa 9.22, 2003. ~ Ergo, those huuge REV.12 floods down in BM country on LDS CONFERENCE weekend. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STATIC NOTES: Is there not anybody at THE NEW YORK TIMES, No.57,555 who is listening to talk radio and starting to get a sinking feeling that the Russian election scandal is just a poor reception problem relating directly to FDR era static? ~ Back when the communist Jews in the White House were leaking our A-bomb secrets to the Russians. ~ And decades later, Hillary Clinton turned over half of America's uranium mine mineral assets to the Russian billionaire oligarchs in trade for a simple 20 minute talk about the glories of internation trade and political cooperation in Moscow; that paid her $500 big ones. ~ "I'm still supporting Clinton because she is bad ass.." The devout Catholic Michael Moore to the devout Catholic James Carville. ~

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