Wednesday, April 12, 2017


That alien looking Korean full moon face Asian [medicine herbs] doctor named David, who got dragged off of a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA airplane, was totally confirmed by the Jewish hook nose FAA profile in THE ARRIVAL episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE television futurist series now playing everywhere on today's 666 Internet network. ~ Who was just confirmed by those timely TMZ side nose profile shots of Daddy Warbucks arriving at some LAX airport for Internationalist half socialist half Jews; like Larry David, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, and yes; New York City's very own Donald Trump, yada yada. ~ [Note the immature Jew boy baseball cap, circa 1957.] ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: It was a part of g-d's plan that your father managed a women's apparel dress shop called CRAZY SOPHIE'S OUTLET in Man/chester. ~ And his daughter has a really nice chest. ~ And in the first act of ANNIE HALL, the school boy named Donald grew up to become the owner operator of a very successfully dress business. ~ PS MRS RELF: The last time that I saw my two sons was at the UNITED terminal at SEATAC, circa November, 1979. ~ After that, I understood that what they had taught me in LDS Sunday school, circa 1964, was such a huuge load of crap that nothing mattered anymore. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: You married that sexy underaged poster girl face of the Korean moonie cult leader because it was God's never ending eternal comedy series plan for the Jews in DEATH TRAP meets DEATH WISH meets CAR WASH:II ~ PS MIA FARROW: What is so wrong about having a husband who wants more than one wife to keep him sexually satisfied? ~ AM I not seeing something here? ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I like having lots of money. ~ You like having lots of sex and having lots of children. ~ That is if the money is right. ~ Therefore, if I give you enough money, you give me everything that I ever dreamed of in a thousand years, at: ~ AND: ~ PS KEN MCCLEOD: By now it does not matter a wit to me anymore. ~ That said, as THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON that I AM has become by now, you might want to look into at buying out a more established fly-fishing tour guide lodge; rather than starting up your own business from scratch. ~ Not necessarily, but just maybe; it all depends. ~

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