Wednesday, April 26, 2017


ONE MORE PALLBEARER is about an amazing Jim Carrey look alike trouble maker who was guilty of driving his girlfriend to commit suicide on the eve of WW:III, at: ~ AND: ~ Which ends with the idea that the end of the world is just a metaphoric fantasy of today's apostate Christians who believe that the EU will become the new UN world order 666 beast. ~ Close, but no cigar. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME NOTES: I just saw the west coast time-stamp on this new posting. ~ Could be a 10-20 thingy, not sure though, see the footnotes at: ~ PS JIM CARREY: Please stop pretending like you are Michael Moore and that you have never met me. ~ Even though I have been crashing on your livingroom's sofa bed down in the East Village ever since 1959 to 1964, like at: ~ Same thing goes for you too Bobby boy, circa 1959 to 1964. ~

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