Monday, May 1, 2017


THE TWILIGHT ZONE's old fashion David Lynch look alike director in episode 85; scene 93, take 2, looks that way because Lynch himself was born on the January 20, 93 start date of the 1260 days countdown of the two witnesses. ~ Not to mention that lynching was a rather popular form of social justice in the wild wide west. ~ Ergo, Dave's code name is Si in this one. ~ Which stands for the G7 mountain that towers above TWIN PEAKS, at: ~ AND: ~ Where my own step father Leslie Winn was fly fishing for fat rainbows on the North Fork, circa in 1959-64; and he slipped on a huge boulder above a deep trout pool and wounded his head; REV.13 style. ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Montana, the phoney baloney actor in the above segment looks like Justin Theroux in MULLHOLLAND DR. meets INLAND EMPIRE. ~ And when Lynch takes off his cap in frustration, we see what the fallout of WW:III did to his usual full head of hair. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCHUMER: There are about 29 '100' day-periods in your typical two term administration in DC. ~ God forbid, you probably will not even be alive by then to see it: metaphorically speaking. ~ Yeah yeah, every group of people on earth have their fair share of trouble makers. ~ That said, the Jews stand out as the worst trouble makers in the whole world simply because they are so damn good at it. ~

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