Monday, May 1, 2017


SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW is a prophecy about the budget showdown between the genuine good guys and the phony baloney bad guys in the last days. ~ Wherein the 85th episode opens and closes with a look at THE WHITE HOUSE PROPHECY, circa 2017. ~ Which states that there is going to be a new party called the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY. ~ That will eventually take over what is left of America's two mainstream apostate political parties. ~ And the time will come that America is ruled by a single party. ~ Because by then the tyrany of the white majority had become the rule. ~ And therefore, the non constitutional fillabuster rule in the Senate will go the way of the doodoo bird. ~ Talk about a triumph of the will of the people. ~ And the other people out there get to eat shit and die. ~ "We need to interpret the Constitution in a more positive and pro-active way..." Barack Obama, circa 1993-1996, University of Chicago. ~ For example, see: ~ "The Book of Mormon was written by the devil.", 1993. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME OUT NOTES: In my world, everyone and anyone who has ever felt inspired by God to become a successful writer, director, actor triple-threat in a PG rated television series or an R-17 indie film Internet movie gets enough money from me to do it. ~ Just as long as they keep their union scale minimum wage low budget projects under 6 big ones. ~ You no happy. ~ Me no happy. ~ That said. ~ You will not get a penny from me if the script is shit and you have no acting talent. ~ According to my own private artistic standards set at: ~ AND:

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