Friday, May 12, 2017


"Passion is the enemy of precision." says Mr.Zero in the two witnesses period ZERO EFFECT paranoid conspiracy prophecy about me, at: ~ "President Trump has already been reelected for a second term..." because of it says Camille Paglia. ~ ~ Therefore, the NYT is still having a complete zero effect on President Trump's more mature white male majority supporters. ~ I.e. the Jewish girls over there are still on their 2016 election month periods; and can not yet decide if Trump fired Comedy because the new white Nazi AG told him to; or did he shit can Comedy because the FBI was stonewalling the truth about Obama using a dead man's Social Security number; or did Trump not even like Comedy anyway; plus Trump thinks that the Jews need to start behaving more like red blooded loyal Americans; and less like those secret anti American homosexual Communists who had already invaded and completely taken over Hollywood, USA; somewhere in THE TWILIGHT ZONE between 1959-1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHERE'S THE BEEF?... ~ After that hack Comey uncovered a mountain of [WAG THE DOG] basement secret email server evidence against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; he immediately closed the case without asking any further questions. ~ Now after months of finding zero evidence against President Trump, he insisted on keeping the investigation open for the next 4 years. ~ Hence, the Devil is now hacking the entire world's 666 government establishment systems using stolen NSA/CIA Russian designed hackers software. ~ TEASER NOTES: Tomorrow's twilight zone episode is about me driving around in a British sports car bearing royal '👑... 126_ ' license plates. ~ Now that I have a new Malibu beach party bod that will last for at least another 112 years; like at:

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