Friday, May 19, 2017


In A SHORT DRINK FROM A CERTAIN FOUNTAIN, yours truly turns into Hugh Hefner, circa 1964, at his swinging high rise pad in NYC; after having begun the blood cleansing rites of the physical transfiguration behind a beaded temple veil. ~ Then my wife Britney Spears is shocked to see the PLAYBOY boy laying in bed wearing Heff's pajamas. ~ Right where the Jewish publisher has always prefered to mix work with pleasure; while sipping on his trademark bottle of PEPSI; for those who think young, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ EPISODIC NOTES: Sandra Bullock grew up in Virginia listening to the Howardsville shock jock radio show from DC. ~ Hence, at the end of no.133, Rosie finds her seer ring lying on the rug where Sandy had dragged her Hollywood 666 animal fur coat. ~ Then Rod Serling does a teaser for that hit and run driver who killed the drive-by media's newspaper boy [Timmy Danliere of DAN.9] who looked like Barack Obama riding on a medicine wheel bicycle at 3rd and Park. ~ Sandy being my original no.125 Indiana Squaw handmaid on the Natalie Merchant BB. ~ Ergo, SOUNDGARDEN's lead singer committed suicide in Detroit, Africa for the ultimate resistance act to President Trump. ~ Live free or die, and all that bullshit. ~ Ergo, 6,666,666 Jews were murdered by the Nazis for what they are now doing again to America's white race [Founding Fathers] peoples. ~ Think SPRING TIME FOR HITLER meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ PS MS WATERS: You are the example of why the reformed and more civilized principles of righteous slavery and concubinage will be born again in the Kingdom of God. ~ Starting during the two terms of President Trump. ~ And finishing with the following two terms of President Pence. ~ Which makes for a very troublesome 16-year period that will prepare the way for me to become the new young King of England, Wales, and Scotland, just for starters. ~ "... youth has taken over." Rod Serling, 1964. ~ Per the BLACK BALL prophecy meets the MOONWALKERS prophecy, at: ~ AND: ~ PS MIKE: Don't have a cow. ~ When the time is right, it will take me less than three days to completely update both of the WAYNES WORLD prophecies, like at: . ~ Meanwhile, you need to get a grip on what is happening during the 69 weeks prophecy in DAN.9. ~ Remember, Cameron Diaz let you fuck her just that one time because she needed you to do your best voice impersonation. ~

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