Monday, May 15, 2017


Shortly after watching myself take over today's late night SNL comedy club scene in THE DUMMY prophecy, a bus full of funny looking fucked up minority kids wearing thick COKE bottle glasses, and suffering from unpredictable violent autistic behavioral problems, crashed and got smashed and mashed on I-95, due west of Perryville, Maryland, east of Churchville, at: ~ AND: ~ Which of course is about the food and fare of Babylon too, like at: ~ Reportedly, the above negro children with special needs were on a film trip to DC. ~ Right before the next old NIKE/NBA gang sneeker shoe dropped in the WAG THE DOG:II prophecy, at: ~ AND: ~ Meanwhile back at the LETTERMAN ranch four days ago, where the local restarded kids get free hay rides in October, and free Santa Claws slay rides in December, Michael said that Seth Rich was on the telephone. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ODD FELLOWS FRATERNITY LODGE THANK YOU JESUS NOTES: My old fly fishing buddy Ken McLeod may want to rent one of those old cheap [TWIN PEAKS] wood construction [$1000 a week] alpine A-frame log cabins in the Snowqualinie Pass area: within walking distance from the upper stretches of Gold Creek. ~ Where the girls are pretty, and the thin 7-9" native rainbow trout are even prettyier. ~ Seriously dude, we're talking about only an I-90 minute drive from Seattle to heaven on earth, much like at: ~ Ergo, after the bitches get a thorough butt fucking from me role playing Jesus, they will finally find enough faith in Jesus Fucking Christ to stand up and throw away their crutches and wheelchairs and walk again, for instance at: ~ SHOPPING LIST: Be sure to pick up a 12-case of 10 year-old single malt BOWMORE scotch at COSTCO; two pounds of pure salted Irish butter; at least a 10lb sack of Moses Lake no.1 size pink potatoes; a full 50lb. side of salt-cured beef rib steaks; a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread; yada yada. ~ Don't worry about having enough pretty underaged looking girls who want to shack up with us; much less having the proper choice of red meat pinot gris and white meat fish pinot noir. ~ That is my department, not your department. ~ "Everyone is blessed with one special thing..." BOOGIE NIGHTS, 1977-1997, per: ~ EU NOTES: What makes Washington's Snoqualmie Pass I-90 ski area so much fun these days is that it is one of the last European white trash low rent cabin resorts in all of North America. ~ Given that most of the alpine cabins up there are still owned and rented out by all of those white European immigrant guys who still live down in Pierce County. ~

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