Monday, May 29, 2017


Everyone grabbed their picnic baskets and ran into the house and slammed their doors shut when [HAIL, CAESAR] WW:III size Hawaii snow cones suddenly started falling out of the sky just west of Clinton, Missouri, at: ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ In contrast to the way that they just make up shit everyday at the NYT and WAPO. ~ Take another re-take shot of it from a different angle, at: ~ Now that YOUTUBE has censored me for life as a 'persona non grata'. ~ Forcing me to seek after strange Nazi flesh and get my black leather jacket kicks elsewhere. ~ You stick it to me with a 1950s mototcycle black leather gang switchblade ~ I stick it to you with a late 1960s 'Summer of Haight-Ashbury' switchblade, per: ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAN:9 SAVAGE: That very special 1260 days MTV cartoon series called BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD was about the time when I would suddenly realized that I AM is the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1. ~ Who then went around declaring himself to be THE GREAT CORN HOLER in DC 85, etc. ~ Therefore, feel free to step in anytime and help me out with Seattle's especially retarded children problems; you stupid butt wipe. ~ And yes, we two did look a lot alike back in the day; in a Divine Warren Jeffs kind of way, at:

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