Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Today's old scared-to-death fake-news-Jews are still referring to France's new surreal looking 39ish Jew boy named Macron as a centrist. ~ In the exact same lying spirit that they took to position the abomination of desolation's dark skinned freak homosexual of the 1290 days ARC OF THE COVENANT from Africa with a fake birth certificate as a real non socialist centrist. ~ So on the same day after that I watched TO SERVE MAN's high noon opening inside of an alien UN/EU UFO dinner plate saucer, an avalanche of snowflakes crashed down on three French citizens in the highland Alps region of White Mountain. ~ Near a small Peaksville, Ohio type village. ~ One may remember, this is where that truck full of white flour exploded into a flaming underground WW:III inferno prophecy inside of the [1957-65] Mont Blanc tunnel. ~ Oh yeah, that iconic alien invaders cookbook in THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode was a French cookbook. ~ Which resembled a hardback copy of the encoded capital letters of THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS; that shows the people on planet earth how to grow more nutrient rich crops. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE: More heathy babies who don't cry so much; less unhealthy cry babies with strange unexplained birth defects and bad behavioral attitudes. ~ DA VINCI CODE NOTES: Everything that you need to know and understand about why the Muslim invaders will be driven out of France in 2027 is explained in this book and it's Jewish blockbuster West Hollywood adaptation, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-rMElSGZpV4 . ~

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