Sunday, May 21, 2017


When yours truly comes up for air from my basement bedroom lair carrying a WW:II picnic suitcase bomb in No.133, Sandy exclaims, "Who is this Divine man?!" [Unknown Hollywood actor movie star fucker.] ~ Then she asks her medicine prescription delivery man, who drives a sexy WW:II German sports car, and reminds us a lot of Cook [book] County, Chicago's future Ferris Beuller figure, if he wants to go for a walk and say hay to the locals in Bonney Lake. ~ Per all of those 440 dead Chinese squirrels omens on NATALIE's BB that were confirmed by the season's 440 bails of hay harvest signs. ~ Ergo, President Trump is visiting Arabia during a crescent moon; while flashing my REV.19 sword around for the Jewish media cameras. ~ And on a side note, we see in the end that Sandy's black onyx Stone of Jacob seer ring is divided into the three parts of the holy city in REV.16. ~ In confirmation of 016's earthquake election. ~ GSR/TWN ~ E=MC2 NOTES: This eternal life numbers formula represents the square gospel of the Messianic Christ of the 2 witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; i.e. the church, the school of prophets, the United Order credit union, and the political party of the Kingdom of God. ~ EPISODE NOTES: In no.133, my Divine one in DC 85 sees the 911 sirens outside of his temple veil WINDOWS. ~ Then he tunes into the liberal Jewish news media reports on his mother's 13" seer screen television. ~ PS CHICAGO: More strick letter of the law enforcement, less STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY meets BLACK LIVES MATTER Marxist revolution anarchy. ~ Think AFTER HOURS meets TAXI DRIVER, at: ~ AND: ~ Note President Trump sitting in the back seat of Robert De Niro's prophetic [Yellow Sea submarine] retro 1950s Cold War looking taxi, circa 2017. ~

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