Tuesday, May 23, 2017


AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK was the last produced episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. ~ Which was an edited and remixed super 16mm French film, shot totally in France, that had won the top short film prize at CANNES in 1962. ~ Wherein we see the future Martin Scorsese Hollywood movie director getting hanged from an old train bridge in southern France's more rugged and aired regions that look like America's wild west frontier. ~ Therefore, the film opens with the bugle trumpet warnings of President Trump; heralding today's developing REV.16 civil war situation. ~ Right as Scorsese himself is producing a four hour documentary series of THE GREATFUL DEAD, at: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/05/16/grateful-dead-documentary/ ~ Meanwhile the old news NYT is reminding us of what we already heard about several months ago; when the President publically asked the intellegence community to stop spreading rumors and gossip about him and the Russians. ~ Exactly like for example last summer, when Putin told the press that he could work with either Clinton or Trump; but he would prefer Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: David Shearer's BYU student OSCARS winning short film western was a sign from God that we need to include him in our upcoming unofficial side-bar screenings at SUNDANCE 18. ~ Don't laugh; even my old long haired blond buddy Terry McKnight wants to get a slice of this kind of hot get-rich-quick action; not to mention Robert Redford himself. ~ So many rich friends, so little time to spend it on them. ~

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