Friday, May 12, 2017


President Trump's dinner with the tall Jewish 6'8" FBI alien invader/insider at the Greek frat White House was just the latest confirmation of the TO SERVE MAN prophecy. ~ "Pot roast with roasted [Idaho] potatoes is my favorite dish." Hugh Heffer. ~ And just for starters, that tall bald alien in THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 2017, claimed that he could show the UN/EU earth people how to put up protective walls around their various nations in order to assure their sovereignty and privacy. ~ In other words, without any kind of Biblically based law and order system, there will be no freedom to get your freak on with more than one wife at a time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HOCUS-POCUS NOTES: This episode is about that [tall tales] guy from the timber lands, west of the Rocky Mountains, who eventually turns out to be right afterall about today's alien invaders in Seattle, Washington. ~ Even that same mysterious late night talk show dude named 'Craig' who always calls into the Michael Medved show on "conspiracy day"; circa THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode entitled FOUR O'CLOCK. ~ Trying to secretly leak private time information about Donald Trump fucking his two blond Russian beauty pageant girlfriends in MISS CONGENIALITY: 1-2-3 is a big time no-no. ~ Note the round black rimmed Harry Potter COKE bottle glasses. ~

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