Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Lana Del Rey's pop culture spell on President Trump was answered right after midnight on May 23, KING DAVID HOTEL Jerusalem time, because her surname means King in Mexicano. ~ While the rocks and boulders were still rolling down upon Rt.1 from that DANIEL 2 Los Padres forest mountain in Big Sur. ~ Because the Catholic Ariana Grande's surname means Big in Ital-Americano. ~ And the next day President Trump would be visiting all of those 1960s period Padre Pios at the Vatican; circa ROMA meets JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY: After that little innocent 8 year-old Greek doll was killed by the satanic followers of the false prophet and the dragon in REV.16, I checked out the no.126 LIVING DOLL episode, costarring the Greek actor Telly Savalas. ~ Which was shot in the same house set where they made RING-A-DING GIRL. ~ PS KIM DOT COM: The fastest way to bury any incriminating evidence forever and ever, so that it will never see the light of day, is to turn it all over, via some Jewish lawyers firm, to some other official government investigation sham that is being sanctioned by the anti American internationalist Jews at the NYT and WAPO. ~ There is a reason why you remind us so much of that genius couch potatoe video game player in SHAWN OF THE DEAD meets THE ANDERSONS. ~ CHATTY CATHY DOLL NOTES: While cat napping yesterday evening at 7:38 PM, the little doll next door told me to..."Go for it!... Go for it..." Greg. ~ SEE: ~ PS CJ: Your late husband's father was a very successful pool contractor down in EZEKIEL 37 Arizona for a Divine last days reason; according to the very last no.156 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, at: ~ PS KENNY: That really big 6 figure deal just came through from the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION bank of Zion so that you could finally relax and stop worrying about me crashing on your couch rent-free for two years, circa 1987-1989; West Hollywood meets Venice Beach. ~ This time around, I AM holds all of the cards, and I AM calls all of the shots. ~

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