Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Comey was delivering an FBI conference talk in LA when he got shit canned by Jesus' BRANCH DAVIDIAN sidekick servant in SHAMPOO meets EATING RAOUL meets STAR MAPS, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JUXqIPSQzj0 ~ Who even called the iconic 1950s government haircut agency the crown jewel of the fake Jewish gems allegory at 2bc.info. ~ In ergo, that is Donald Trump himself who is blowing on his golden trumpet of MORONI on top of the desecrated Westwood mormon temple BLOCKBUSTER missile silo in the city of angles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROB REINER: You are never going to make another major all expenses paid movie in this town again; that is worth a shit anyway; if you don't let that tall Paul Nestor alien with an amazon.com head job in TO SERVE MAN have first-look rights on it. ~ Say what you will about that alien UFO monster who owns the WAPO; he is now in charge of everthing in Seattle, Wash, DC at amazon.com. ~ And we half to respect that. ~ That is if we want to get a piece of his Internet movies and television series business. ~ Beggers can't be choosers. ~ PS KEN KEMP: More BM, less apostate mormon Christian Bible nonsense about forgiving Barack Obama posting his fake Hawaiian paradise [FANTASY ISLAND] birth certificate on an official NYT sanctioned government web site. ~ PS ANDY: "You're my son, I love you, nobody else does..." ~ Note that transfigured Bill Gates look alike guy giving you two thumbs up in the above July, 1997 tailer. ~

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