Friday, May 26, 2017


Talk about surnames. ~ We only realize that today's cirgarette smoker David Lynch is the prophetic TV repair man in the final minutes of WHAT'S IN THE BOX. ~ That is, after the episode's burned out TAXI DRIVER pushes his REV.17 woman out of his new WINDOWS 10 channel version update for today's pads and PCs. ~ Having seen the fake "Russian Duke" wrestler on his same seer television set that features today's phony Russian scandal day in and night out, circa 2017. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LETTERMAN: More Moses, less Santa Claus. ~ BIG SUR NOTES: Rush Limbaugh's surname stands for the limbs and branches of the genealogy tree of Israel. ~ The traditional Irish surname Ken/nedy means 'kin folk'. ~ Carey Mulligan's surname means that you only get one chance in the 18-holes game of life to do it over again and get it right this time. ~ The high-shift Swiss German [Hebrew] surname Grass means the Grace of Jesus in English. ~ The rather common English surname May stands for the month of May on the Christian Gregorian callender, at: AND:

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