Sunday, May 21, 2017


"Howardville was rocked today..." says the breaking two witnesses radio report at the end of RING-A-DING GIRL, circa one month after Sandy's mother conceived her. ~ Revealing that the "...eye witnesses..." in DANIEL 12's Riverside Park picnic prophecy about the 1290 days era of the 1260 days witnesses was what Bunny meant when she repeated "I know... I know..." [eye know] in the episode's opening lines. That connect to the key hole seen at the end of her ring visions. ~ Which opens the locked doors to the House of [Larry] David in ISAIAH 22:22 etc. ~ Such as; who is the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11.1?... Even the same episode's hot rodder who drives a vintage PLAYBOY CLUB sports car. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RIVERSIDE NOTES: Scottsville is also located along the King James River, just downstream from Howardsville, Virginia. ~ For a Scottish President Trump 70 weeks timeline. ~ Even the same river that starts somewhere up around Sandy's legendary I-64 freeway and flows down past the abomination of desolation's Big Island, Virginia [Hawaii] landmark on May Day's [HWY.501, 1960s LEVI] blue jeans scene. ~

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