Sunday, May 14, 2017


When we finally get a better look at my wife in PERSON OR PERSONS UNKNOWN, who still doesn't know who I AM is, we see that she looks a lot like a Carey Mulligan with dark brown hair. ~ Whose Scottish-Irish surnamed in the CADDYSHACK prophecy means that you get a second chance to do it all over again and get it right this time. ~ Per that BRANCH DAVIDIAN background photo in the episode that breaks my heart to pieces when I see that my beloved wife is GONE BABY GONE, circa 1981. ~ And then I start to experience delusions about being the next Winston Church/hill of the abominable church of the devil among the 7-hills beast in REV.13. ~ Which was confirmed shortly thereafter by my own schizophrenic [WINSTONS brand cigarettes] brother Willy being enrolled at Provo, Utah's state hospital campus at the same time that I returned to BYU to complete my undergraduate degree in Italian language filmmaking. ~ Which turned out for the best; because I still have my valid for-a-lifetime BYU student's [29ish divorced bachelor's guy] alumni photo ID card in my wallet; that shows me looking exactly how I AM is going to look again after the physical transfiguration vampire blood sucking happening; complete with sexy wet hair. ~ Having just walked in from a very thorough rain storm shower to have my picture taken. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.92 NOTES: The mulatto doctor in the above medicine wheel episode represents Barack Obama, who himself has a fake ID birth certificate and a stolen S.S. 666 medical number. ~

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