Saturday, May 20, 2017


In 1964's A SHORT DRINK FROM A CERTAIN FOUNTAIN episode, brother Gordon says that the PEPSI syrup serum will not be ready for human consumption for another 20 years; circa 1984. ~ When yours truly retired to BYU's school of prophets looking like I was in my late 20s. ~ After having been married to Miss Cardin of Epinal, France some ten years earlier in Provo, Utah's amazing retro 1960s style temple. ~ Which looks exactly like one of those marvellous white exterior pavilions of the future millennium era at THE SEATTLE WORLDS FAIR. ~ When Dr.Evil himself would be building outerspace planetary glass spheres in the Jet City; and be firing rockets into outer space in the EZE.37 deserts of California. ~ So it only makes sense that he would now be the new owner of THE WASHINGTON POST. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORE NUTTY NOTES: The prophetic TTZ episode of Sandra Bullock opens with a reference to her short film director debuted, entitled MAKING SANDWICHES. ~ Then towards the end of it, there is a local home town reference to her inspired [same 29ish age range] broom pushing performance finale in PRACTICAL MAGIC, ~ PS NYT: More serious real news, less new weekly scandal tabloid fake news based on unnamed sources and fake birth certificate sensational headlines. ~ If you really want to go down in a fiery blaze of glory, at least do it like a man. ~

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