Sunday, May 7, 2017


A PIANO IN THE HOUSE is a 1961 Barack Obama born again African mask prophecy about the Scottish Lana Del Rey finally coming to understand that she married an old hateful NYT type theater and film critic. ~ And in the end, she leaves the wealthy arrogant liberal prick for a very talented and handsome physically transfigured 29ish actor-writer, who likes his rare older Scotches, named Greg Walker. ~ The full name on my 1987 BYU student ID card and US PASSPORT being Gregory Scott Relf: S.S. number 535 56 3019. ~ And anybody who tries to use the same 666 number will receive the same 666 curse upon them that is spelled out in REV.14. ~ GSR/TWN ~ P.S.TS: In my recent dream about you, that cast on your right forearm was below the elbow and above the wrist. ~ Much like the casts that we often see on thoroughbred race horses, at: ~ Hence, ALWAYS DREAMING just won the [best theme music awards] trophy in Kentucky. ~ Where the girls are pretty, and everybody loves Donald Trump. ~ PS MISS DEL REY: After seeing you in episode 87, I checked your wiki page and found out that your coven curse on President Trump is set for May 23. ~ Which is the exact same [DOUBLE WHAMMY] date that I AM put a curse upon all of the enemies of Trump!! ~ Note tha trumpet on the shelf in Rod Serling's 'next week' teaser at the end of no.86. ~

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