Sunday, May 7, 2017


After I saw the future southern movie star heartthrob Dennis Quaid playing a future born again yours truly [eternal life sex cult guru] in THE LAST RITES OF JEFF MYRTLEBANK; which takes place in southern Missouri in the future; I read that the banks of the state's Black River have just experienced REV.12 levels of prophetic Biblical flooding. ~ For my 1961ish character telling the 666 mob folk that there are two [witnesses] reasons to fear his future curses. ~ That are a prophetic last days condemnation upon the people who have already been cursed with a blackness of skin in MOSES 7:8 etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ EPISODE 88 NOTES: Jeff's father is fascinated by his 1920s [MODERNISM] email order catalogue from amazon.con ~ And he can't wait until the new version arivrs in his mail box. ~ Meanwhile, back at the farm, little Chloe Moretz is about the only one who is not initially afraid of me. ~ The log cabin church opening in no.88 is a time-line reference to Barack Obama seeing himself as the born again Abraham Lincoln. ~ EPISODE 87 NOTES: That is Taylor sitting next to Greg on his bed sofa in the final born-again birthday party scene. ~ THE SHOW ME STATE NOTES: People in the Midwest don't read the NYT no more because they still refuse to show them Barack Obama's real birth certificate and foreign college student records. ~ PS JIM CARREY: It's now time for you to say YES!! to everything that I say, right or wrong. ~ Guys like you and me, who have been raised among the gentiles and outside of the laws of Israel, get to have around a 70-years break from Jesus. ~ Same thing goes for our so called girlfriend wives. ~ See you at THE PLAYBOY MANSION next year. ~ Where the real men will be fucking their hot underaged bikini girls to death all night long; metaphorically speaking. ~ Of course, all of the mixed race cocktail drinks will be free on me at the open bar. ~ Think BOOGIE NIGHTS:II meets MOONWAKERS:II. ~ Suck on my cock now, and make it all happen already, Jesus Christ Almighty; my Lord and Savior; who is the only begotten Son of the Father; who looks like I do in ROMA meets LA DOLCE VITA. ~ These two sequels will write themselves. ~ Once we nail down the right directors and the right producers for the right money. ~ In other words, more money, not less money. ~ PS BRAD: More Greg, less Steve. ~

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