Monday, May 29, 2017


I know, the above title does sound kind of strange. ~ However, Robert De Nero himself just lamented about how today's more gentlemanly and refined and "uplifting" insider Internationalist Marxism is a [Cosa Nostra] Jew thing thing that is now being threatened by the western world's white men in his speech at Brown University in Providence, Road Island. ~ Then by the Providence of God, the half Asian brown skinned golfer ty/coon was arrested for driving drunk in the same region where they made the CADDYSHACK prophecy about Donald Trump becoming President. ~ And a white tiger at England's HAMERTON ZOO, located near Cambridge College tore apart some animal loving woman. ~ Even though her panicked lesbian lovers were franticaaly tossing chunks of red meat at the beast in order to distract it. ~ Because for 8 years before that, the Jewish homosexuals and negros had made the brown skinned Barack Obama America's president; even though he was not a US citizen. ~ And the best part is, everyone, including the Republicans were in on the sick joke. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MEMORIAL DAY NOTES: Those two cops put their meaty arms of flesh on Tiger Woods along Military Trail Rd. just off of the Indian Creek Parkway. ~ Which stands for the LAmanites in the BM who were cursed with a dark skin because of their prophetic savage and lawless behavior in Southside, Chicago, ILL etc. ~ Somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's nostalgic time-trival era of the two witnesses, named Jupiter. ~ DAN.9 NOTES: Note the border fence in this link, at: ~ Therefore. ~ Check out the movie trailers for GET THE GRINGO meets A TOUCH OF EVIL; now available for your viewing pleasure somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~

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