Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Most of my forerunner wife fuck buddies have seen it all, and already have enough money anyway. ~ You have a 9" cock that is a mile wide? ~ Show me what else you have to offer. ~ Because what they all are now looking for, at this almost too late point in their life is not some old rich fuck anti-religion rocket-toy-boy billionaire like Musk, Bezos, or Rich Brandon; but a guy who makes them feel and look young again; maybe not even 29ish, but at least 39ish. ~ Who is more like my anti hero character looks and acts like at: ~ Been there, done that; and it don't cut it no more. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PEAKSVILLE, OHIO NOTES: On my exwife's birthday, I showed those two cunts of Judah and Ephraim in Bonney Lake, Washington my remaining three genuine photo ID cards; my Pierce County registered voter ballet; my $140 US POST OFFICE money order, and even my expired 1987 period US PASSPORT and Utah drivers' license ID. ~ Yet they were still not gracious enough to give me a pass and let me have my new passport with a wink and a smile. ~ Fair warning. ~ "I AM not accustomed to being treated this way." Leslie Winn, 1967. ~ Meanwhile, some middle aged guy stormed out of the court house building lobby shouting, "I AM never coming back here again!!" ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: You grant me a new US DIPLOMAT PASSPORT, I pardon you for the sins of your youth and give you a free pass to go anywhere for the next 29 100 day periods. ~ Make me the new embassador to Vanuatu; whatever it takes, like at: AND: ~

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