Thursday, May 18, 2017


RING-A-DING GIRL showcases a younger Sandra Bullock movie star named Bunny Blake [Bonney Lake] who returns to Howardsville, Virginia after receiving an ominious message from her old long lost buddy Rosie O'Donnel on her secrect 1964ish [CRACKER JACKS] box decoder ring. ~ Even the same co-star of THE LAKE HOUSE, at: ~ Which is the same message for the daughters of Zion in 2NEPHI8 about putting on their strength and helping out the faint hearted sons of Israel during the era of those two witnesses trees seen outside of their computer WINDOWS from the Seattle region. ~ Wherein the story's "picnic" is a prophetic [rough weather] metaphor about President George Albert Smith comparing WW:II to WW:III. ~ Kind of like the phantom boogie man idea of the Russians hacking the REV.16 earthquake election; juxtapositioned to Barack Obama's counterfeit birth certificate posted on an official government White House web site. ~ Or Seth Rich getting murdered for emailing WIKILEAKS thousands of times on his private home based personal PC computer. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLUE NOTES: Check out this 1993 prophecy about the Trump card who ain't going nowhere until the cows come home, at: ~ PS KEN: OK, so the pretty young "underaged" girls that we invite to our rented out A-frame 007 alpine LOVE SHACK party, located off of I-90 Snoqualime Pass, are more like in their late 30s or early 40s. ~ That being the case, we may want to get a second cheap rent 2x4 A-frame cabin or two. ~ Just like those ones in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D, like at: ~ "Most women do not reach their sexual peak until they are in their late thirties to early fourties." ~ Hugh Hefner talking off the top of his head at the PLAYBOY CLUB circa 1964, London, England; surrounded by at least 4 PLAYBOY BUNNIES who were at best 20 years younger than him. ~ INSANE CLOWN POSSE NOTES: The new special counsel is a Jew of course.

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