Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Larry King's traditional liberal Jewish fucker radio career began in Miami, Florida at about the same time that Rod Serling's middle America radio career was transforming into a fantastic Hollywood studio television career. ~ And in the following decades, King became the face of everything that is wrong with Judah. ~ Ergo, the former Jewish CNN personality has been married 8 times; in confirmation of his latest [Brigham Young] Mormon wife look alike in NUMBER 12 [tribes] LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU. ~ Who he married around the same year when TTZ' no.137 episode takes place. ~ And his wife's younger blond sister wife, Shannon, looks just like the episode's number 8 babe. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LAST TANGO IN PARIS: When Marlon Brando said that Hollywood is run by the Jews, a major media shit storm hit the fan. ~ Then some LA based journalist pointed out that all 7 of Hollywood's major studios had Jewish CEOs; plus the three major talent agencies were headed up by a Jewish guy. ~ Fast forward to today, and the Jews in the media are still trying to pull off the same fake news rubbish regarding Donald Trump. ~ However, now we have the Internet that is shining a bright light on all of these filthy dirty rats. "There are more rats than people living in Paris..." LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ BYU/2BC HOME STUDY NOTES: My current 1985 BYU student/alumni membership card photo looks exactky like me circa 2027. ~ Because that is the same year when all of the false prophet antichrist followers in REV.16 will be driven out of France; one way or the other. ~

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