Tuesday, May 2, 2017


People in LA and NYC have been calling me the comeback kid for some 21 years now, not to mention Sundance, Utah; Austin, Texas not so much. ~ Going back to when I sent a hard copy of the GRS/TWN to my look alike brother in NOTHING IN THE DARK, and then he sent it right back to me FEDERAL EXPRESS. ~ Take for example the dream I had last night about my comeback kid wife Taylor Swift ~ Who was sporting a cast on her right arm that was my cue to review the prophetic post WW:III episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE called DEAD MAN'S SHOES. ~ Wherein I get my mojo back after I wake up from a vivid dream on a fire escape; find a pair of fancy size 9 shoes made in London; go over to Swift's fancy apartment in downtown NYC; threaten to break her arm if she doesn't fix me a drink; then get shot in Bernie [Sander]'s backroom gangland politics offices; then is miraculoisly healed and comes right back as an actor with a British accent. ~ GSR/TWN ~ I-35 NOTES: That 35 mile-long [twist and shout] twister hit the ground running near the [Philip] Kaufman county line; near Kemp, Gun Barrel City, Seven Points, Tool, and Log Cabin. ~ BUSINESS NEWS NOTES: For the past 21 years or so they have also been calling Donald Trump the comeback kid. ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: The dirty little secret is; it is my hot young wives who keep coming back. ~ No. Really. I have been living in the same damn place for the past 27 years. ~ They are the ones who keep moving around from one multimillion dollar mansion in Manhattan to some mountain escape retreat at: http://www.gjkre.com/dets/listing-halfmoon.html ~ "The Jews never stay in one place for very long." Leslie Winn, 1969. ~

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