Friday, May 5, 2017


That UPS cargo plane from the west crashed in [Prince] Charleston, West Virginia for a reason, at: ~ Happening on the eve of the BIG BROWN horse race derby in Kentucky. ~ Think GOLDFINGER meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ Since after WW:III, America is going to repent and return to the hard money christian heterosexual gold standard; Obamacare will finally get repealed; and all of the Muslims in France will be deported; including the women and children. ~ Ergo, A VIEW TO A KILL starts out with that strange looking WIKILEAKS White Russian albino in WW:II's Vichy, France suberbia areas; metaphorically speaking. ~ "The Russians killed Clinton's campain in 2016." NYT. ~ ~ Not true, but very inspired "gentle Jesus" words non the less. ~ "And the best part is... Not even Austin Powers can stop me." Dr.No. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEAD MAN WALKING NOTES: In the Taylor Swift look alike [hair wig] episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, she has a fancy apartment in the CHATEAU BEECHWOOD building. ~ For her future beach front chateau mansion up in Rhode Island; right across the sound from where they shot MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: More acting, less modeling. ~

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