Monday, May 8, 2017


A woman riding on a horse was killed by lightening in the Scottish Highlands Ranch area of Colorado on Sunday, just northwest of the PLAYBOY MANSION Castle Rock area, according to: ~ Believe me you, I know the feeling. ~ In confirmation of me and the boys fucking our girlfriends to death at some kind of a swinging 1970s VAMPIRE HAPPENING after WW:III happens. ~ And everyone in LA is walking around looking dazed and confused; like they were already dead or something. ~ Remember, Colorado means 'colored' in Mexicano. ~ For the native peoples of the BM who were cursed with a colored skin because of their rebelliousness and disobedience to God's chosen white people in BLAZING SADDLES meets THE BIRTH OF A NATION, at: ~ AND: Where we see THE PLANET OF THE APES' negro yankees defiling the mormon fundamentalist 1290 days temple sanctuary built by Warren Jeffs in Texas, at: ~ Talk about THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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