Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today's typical Greek Olympic sports [Bruce Jenner] jock g-string supporter of President Trump and his scary white cabinet of the elders of [Zion's] Ephraim in the prophetic NIN video about getting closer to God, is probably some kind of a "MARCH MADNESS" basketball man thing in BEING THERE meets CLOSER, at: Talk about "play it again Sam" and all of those Russian cold war TWILIGHT ZONE episodes about WWII meets WWIII. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLOSER TO GOD NOTES: This 2004 movie is about the flirty fishing laws of concubinage, at: ~ Not to be confused with the principle of every woman having the right to a sure sign and witness from God about who her eternal husband is supposed to be, according to what it says in the 2BC. ~ And I'm pretty cool with that. ~ Who in the hell would ever want to fuck someone of the weaker sex who doesn't feel like being fucked by you in the first place? ~ You being some macho man jerk who gets his kicks out of taking advantage of people; such as Geraldo Rivera, Ted Turner, David Letterman, and Bill Clinton. ~

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