Wednesday, February 15, 2017


That CADDYSHACK duffer down in Florida, who was playing games with his score card on some fancy pants TRUMP brand golf course, had to stab that old Miami Jew with crocodile skin in the eyes using his short-game putter; over and over and over. ~ That was trying to drag him back down into the dirty swamp waters' 18 holes trap before it would finally let go of his leg pants. ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ Take for example John McCain and Ashton Kutcher; because positive people walk forwards, and crabby people walk sideways. ~ Therefore that snow crabbing boat from Seattle's Union Bay suddenly rolled over and sank with no warning off of St.George Island, Alaska, north of the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY 56 line, next to the Hawaii time line of Barrack Obama. ~ Who is still playing games with his half Jewish friends at the FDR/CIA and FDR/NYT. ~ And we know that this is true because why? ~ Well, both the Jew saturatured NYT and the Jew commie infested CIA lied to us about Obama's fake news birth certificate from Hawaii. ~ Since their latest paranoid Cold War reports about Russia are based upon the 9 secret sources of the forces of the half Jew, half homosexual prince in DANIEL 9. ~ You Jew me, I Jew you, yada yada... You hate me for being some secret underground antichrist Semite; I hate you for being an above ground anti-christ anti-Semite who is an internal [terminal inoperative cancer] enemy of The State of Israel. ~ All is fair in love and war when it comes to political fornication and political adultery. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WILLIS: Sooner, rather than later, you will come to understand that you were fighting for the wrong side in the original INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets DIE HARD pilot series-sequel. ~ Which suddenly launched your FOX-21 Hollywood movie career into THE OUTER LIMITS of space. ~ Think about it dude. ~ Who was your crazy feminist wife who wanted to divorce you and hook up with the red capitalist Chinese? ~ Seriously dude. ~ At the beginning, a lot of people in Old Hollywood also believed that Humphrey Bogart was a completely ridiculous ordinary-looking-man idea for a major movie star. ~ PS TARANTINO: Even though it is none of my business. ~ I still think that the next yuuge blond double CIA agent 7-figure 007 movie, entitled simply '009', should be directed by you. ~ BFD. ~ You drag in every other nigger bitch that ever costarred in every 1970s LIVE AND LET DIE black-exploitation movie that was ever made ~ I'm cool with that. ~ Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ I never liked Daniel Craig that much anyway. ~

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