Thursday, February 23, 2017


Last night the distinct voice of Quentin Tarantino said to me, "I'm not interested." ~ Oh well, how about we try this. ~ HARRY IN YOUR POCKET was obviously a 1973 missionary man movie about yours truly from Seattle pick pocketing the foolish and naive likes of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, at: ~ AND: ~ Which was around the same time that God's BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Woody Norris started to believe that he was the one in DC 85. ~ And so he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah at the same time that my own family did. ~ Who was that same UW/US AIR FORCE nuke bomb expert from the Maryland, DC area who looks exactly like his TWILIGHT ZONE era character in DR. STRANGELOVE:II meets IN LIKE FLINT:III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: No question, you are indeed a very nice looking 29ish woman. ~ Who keeps showing up in my wildest dreams; role playing the friendly sexy "girl" next door who would love me to fuck her too; Paris, France Hilton hotel style.. ~ Therefore, two nights ago, a nurse clothed in white hospital clothing appeared in my room holding an open RED CROSS medicine box that had a huuuge 1950s size needle and bottle of the secret experimental serium that is going to cure you of your herpes no.1 and herpes no.2 problems. ~ PS DE NIRO AND CARREY: We don't need no fucking 666 science reports in the fake news media when it comes to getting the children vaccinated from the evil forces of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Per the prophetic cold war era opening sequence to CRY BABY meets KISSING COUSINS, at: ~ AND: ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: What the fuck do you want from me anyway? ~ I put $3,000,000 in your own private bank account, but nothing. ~ Then I multiplied that amount times ten, yet not even a phone call or a little 55 cent stamped thank-you post card. ~

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