Friday, February 3, 2017


Jesus compares having cancer surgery before it's too late to the two witnesses' [5.9 cutting time] prophecy about getting rid of the 666 beast at ~ Ergo, that Muslim radical with the surgical mask sword in REV.13 was a Paris, France prophecy about the right side of things taking over France; before it's too late. ~ "Pray that you find yourself standing beside my right hand in the last days." Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty! ~ In other words, there will never be a two state middle-of-the-road solution in Israel. ~ "Never gonna happen in a thousand years." Michael Reagan on 570 KVI talk radio in Seattle, circa 1993-1996. ~ For additional background info and context, see: ~ GSR/TWN ~ YAHOO NEWS NOTES: When you report that Milo is the face of the alt right, you start to look like some liberal Canadian yahoo who has lost his marbles. ~ PS DER SPI/EGEL: More Nazism, less Communism. ~ "I suddenly realized that we were fighting for the wrong side." Leslie Winn, 1966. ~ Think INGLORIOUS BASTARDS was made by an oddball outsider who looks like a Nazi. ~

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