Tuesday, February 21, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE's episode 12 is entitled WHAT YOU NEED. ~ Because George Clooney er all needed to die off by a hit-and-run car with JAWS type 1958 shark fins. ~ Which would replicate today's "drive-by-media" gang who Rush says is trying their damnest to run over President Trump. ~ According to the two-times-two doubling-down two-terms of the Donald Trump Jr. [18-holes golf course] prophecy in REV.18. ~ Who has been using his leaky pen to sign one executive order after another. ~ And he will continue to do so during his two terms in office. ~ So thank g-d that yours truly gave Clooney those pair of scissors that he needed to save himself from his own private GSR/TWN scarf that was strangling him to death in that same elevator [lift] featured in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE: The race horse next to the marked horse race sheet in the above episode is called Migrator; go figure. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Milo suddenly fell down and got a big bump on his head and knee on the eve of Mrs. Ellen Degeneres-Page-Relf's twin polygamist sister wives birthday. ~ Talk about older guys fucking underaged virgin boys. ~

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