Thursday, February 23, 2017


That negro with a dusty Abraham Lincoln top hat and a Jewish deli cow tongue in CLOSER TO GOD represents Barack Obama er all. ~ Who are trying to cut out free speech and open debate at today's government run re-education camp schools; not to mention CNN and MSNBC. ~ After the unmentionable abomination of desolation had his two unconstitutional terms in office; yet he still refuses to go away, per this other blood drenched video by NINE, at: ~ But now the tables have been turned on them, REV.13 style. ~ As represented by the monkey on a cross in NIN'S prophetic CLOSER video. ~ Where we get closer to God; and even start to experience the [walking on waters] principle of antigravity. ~ In other words, if you have the faith to walk on water; you sure as hell don't need Medicare or Social Security. ~ Not to mention the IRS and LBJ/MLK's abominable CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Episode 12 depicts a time-lapsed George Clooney figure from the future who wants to force you to be his government partner. ~ Hence that Alps poster on the wall of the old guy's room, who voted for President Trump, which puts Clooney's Lake Como mansion for rich reformed socialists into perspective. ~ [Mussolini and his girlfriend were both shot and hung upside down at a gas station near there.] ~ Probably the same one featured towards the end of his CIA asshole movie called THE AMERICAN, at: ~ Seriously dude, those same fucks at the JEW/CIA/NYT who are leaking President Trump's phone calls to the white Josephite Russians are the same anti-american traitors who are still lying to us about the Russians hacking the election. ~ Which is just an extension of their silly fake news nonsense about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, yada yada. ~ PS GEOEGE: Like in my own private 8mm home movies from 1959-1964, I always go by my gut instincts; per THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT, meets DUPLICITY, at: ~ NEW READERS: So what. ~ I like movies and television series that have me fucking my underaged BIG LOVE virgin teenager sister wives in the near future. ~ 009 NOTES: Admittedly, I AM is having a ball watching everyone in Hollywood going ape shit over who is going to be the next James Bond. ~ Personally, I like the idea of a physically transfigure Pierce Bronson returning to the role. ~ Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite James Bond 007 cold war agent was Roger Moore. ~ So why not spend the money to bring back the actor who everyone in the movie business believes was the best James Bond ever? ~ BFD. ~ We keep the low-budget plot sweet and simple, circa 35 big ones or so. ~ And we spend the rest of the post production $100,000,000 budget making sure that 009 looks like he is around 58 years-old in every single frame. ~ PS QT: I too like the idea of some 'SON OF BRUCE LEE' Chinatown movie that takes place up in Seattle. ~ However. ~ Sometimes you have to be patient and make a big budget Hollywood movie extravaganza in order to make that other little indie film that you are more passionate about in the long run. ~ So let us both make a 70 weeks production deal on this right now. ~ You agree to make 009, I let you know who is the next James Coburn. ~ And yes, the 29ish actor is living in the Seattle area right now; just waiting for you to discover him. ~ Seeing is believing, at:,_You_Sucker! AND: ~

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