Monday, February 6, 2017


On the Lord's Day, he let us know that the patriotic Donald Trump is his Divinely chosen quarterback to lead America against our internal alien enemies; who were still celebrating Dia de la Constitucion up in SEAHAWKS city on the same day. ~ For an SB51 sign from God about the AREA 51 landmark prophecy in the French guillotine shaped state of Nevada, at: ~ Where the Battle Mountain of Zion map sign is located due west of Emigrant Pass. ~ Ergo, no.12's 5th SUPPER BOWL ring is confirmation of the wise 5 virgins in the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ Which is all about building a protective wall around the righteous; and not letting anyone else into the latter-day saints security area. ~ No matter how much they cry and beg. ~ Just like the east Germans did, of course, in a 50/50 divided Berlin after WWII. ~ Only in reverse; circa CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND's 19666s context. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AREA 51 NOTES: Groom Lake is the very slim vagina thong-bomb strip in the area. ~ For when the entire invading CHINATOWN army will be way over confident and much too extended along I-80, from Reno to Emigrant Pass. ~ "I never met a Mormon that I didn't like." Leslie Winn, who was stationed at the US ARMY bomber base in Ogden, Utah for one year; prior to his unit's invasion of southern Italy. ~ "The southern Italians thought that they were such hot shit." Les Winn, 1966. ~ "That's where all the niggers stay." Said my stepfather, as we drove by the JET HOTEL in his VW beetle in downtown Moses Lake, Washington; on our way to some of the finest pan fry fishing action in all of North America. ~ GREASE:II NOTES: Frenchie, the high school Lady Gaga look alike drop-out, tells the Crown Prince of England in GREASE:II that she has gone back to school to learn about blond hair die jobs. ~

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