Sunday, February 12, 2017


I probably should know it by now. ~ But I actually don't even know who this obviously yuuuge country music star is. ~ Who looks a lot like your typical Tom Brady look alike Donald Trump supporter. ~ Not to mention Nicole Kidman's 5'5" husband who is not that interested in fucking her feminist marxist pussy anymore. ~ No disrespect meant either way. ~ But his southern girlfriend does look like Sandra Bullock in the PRACTICAL MAGIC meets MISS CONGENIALITY I prophecies. ~ And he does use the word 'IT' a lot in his songs, like at: ~ The one thing I do know; he ain't no MIDNIGHT COWBOY Jew homo from New York, via Dallas, Texas. ~ Although he kind of looks like one from certain angles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WILL: Take it from me. ~ You still got it in spades. ~ And the best is yet to come. ~ But the reason why your APPLE iPHONE is not ringing off the hook anymore is because the Hollywood producer Jews with balding hair problems are starting to suspect that you are some kind of a Seattle based Dr.Evil mole. ~ Who would be willing to work for just about anyone up there if the money is right; and you get paid on time in cash with no excuses. ~ Not to mention no 666 mob union skim offs in the form of Social Security and Medicare. ~ In the Kingdom of God, not one penny will be taken out of the laborer's hourly paycheck. ~ PS PARIS HILTON: More me, less that other guy. ~

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