Saturday, February 11, 2017


The number of black pilot whales committing suicide in the ten virgins' Cook Straight landmark is now up to 650. ~ As new pix of APPLES's Tim Cook laughing at Donald Trump er all roll up on the Farewell Spit sands of Israel in REV.13:1. ~ Seriously. ~ San Francisco and Seattle are not exactly the most hospitable places in the world right now for straight white people. ~ Therefore, the 59th GRAMMYS was started in 59. ~ Which inspired me to buy WALMART's $50 complete collection set of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series; which debuted in 59 with a pilot episode entitled WHERE IS EVERYBODY? at: ~ Costarring a very amazing Johnny Depp look alike character who is just trying to figure out what in the hell is happening to him. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PS JIM CARREY: In your own private YES MAN movie, you say "gonorrhea" to everyone, and then you crash into that lowly waitress who has no money of her own to speak of at the log cabin BIG FOOT LODGE bar of the abomination of desolation from Abe Lincoln's Chicago, Illinois ~ PS TRUMP: You can take comfort in the fact that white people are finally starting to wake up and realize that it is the ~[WHITE HORSE PROPHECY] Jews who are trying to destroy you at the NYT, no.57,506. ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Ephraim, less Judah. ~ More Nephite, less LAmanite. ~ I know you got it in you. ~

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