Wednesday, September 2, 2015


America's unknown homosexual leader from Mercer Island, Washington Lake, just renamed the 20,237' Mt.McKinley for a reason. ~ ~ By that I mean of course, CAPOTE opens with me making a joke about some future well educated negro queer fucking some white Jewish mama's boy queer in the butt in Brooklyn, NY. ~ ~ Which later ends after Capote goes over to that sleazy hotel and gay bar in Dodge City, Kansas at street number 237. ~ ~ And they still say to this day that I AM is the one who is controversial, not them. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DODGING THE ISSUE NOTES: Not only is Barack Obama a confirmed illegal alien, who is using a proven stolen Social Security number, and a proven fake birth certificate; but we now know beyond any doubt that he is also more of your typical liberal truth-dodger than most Americans were lead to believe back in 2008. See: ~ ~ For example, STARDUST MEMORIES was a prophecy about the metaphorical and spiritual death of Woody Allen. Wherein I got so much fuck-you money deposited into Angeline Lilly's private account at THE BANK OF CANADA that I get to pick and choose which projects I want to be involved with in the future. And I could give a flying fuck if the money is right. Just as long as I get union scale and a respectable cash payout per diem. ~ ~ Just like my sidekick in today's desecrated temple, let me worry about any side deals I may make with my two wives of Sienna Miller and Charlie Theron. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ I do what I want. ~ ~ PS ELLEN PAGE: When the cats named 'Church' go into the confession booth at their local church and admit that they are sexually nutered he/she lesbians, they immediately feel more relaxed and liberated when they come out and only have to say a dozen or so hail Mary prayers. ~ ~ Whatever, you get what you pay for in movies like THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE meets KING OF NEW YORK.

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