Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Now that I think about it. That is the wealthy real estate golf club mogal who likes a good gamble, and who crashes the Jeb Bushwood, Florida country club party in CADDYSHACK, circa the presidential election of [Donald/Ronald] Reagan in 1980. ~ ~ When he shows up in his queer as orange English ROLLS that is sounding the trumps of warning. ~ ~ Where the underground trouble makers are coming into the golf course from his latest real estate development in Florida. ~ ~ According to the often quoted words of Bill Murray's crazy bomber character in the movie that go, "...Cinderella story... comes out of nowhere... to lead the pack." ~ ~ And in the end, the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim help the corrupt stonewalling birth certificate judge to find his checkbook. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RESTRICTED NOTES: Back in the anti communist AM radio days of the 1950s, many country clubs did not allow Jews to become members. ~ ~ Remember, this was the same era when the Ephraimites would not allow the negro to have the keys to the higher priesthood. ~ ~ And anybody who had a decent wage paying job could afford to buy a house and send his kids to college. ~ ~ SPIRITUAL NOTES: That TM meditation log lady spiritualist just died on my front porch in Bonney Lake, Washington of lung cancer or something, metaphorically speaking. Whatever, she was a hilariously prophetic birther symbol of my back to the future BB log postings on Natalie Merchant's official www web site. ~ ~ Close enough anyway; "Like anybody can ever even know that." paraphrasing Kip in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ PS JEFF: That 42 year-old Mormon prophetess kook down in Tuscan, Arizona looks exactly like your exwife. No wonder she turned you into a homosexual Chinatown slumlord boss in the U-District of Seattle. ~ ~ So now the only way out of your arrogant self righteous Saint Francis of Assisi poverty situation is to become a born again billionaire geek who possesses enough world wide destruction hacking skills to put an end to it.

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