Saturday, September 19, 2015


The fact that Brad Pitt is still not shooting his final SON OF LEBOWSKI opus on John Wayne's restored 91' yatch in Seattle [Valued around two big ones.] is all you need to know about where we are right now. ~ ~ Think THE ELEPHANT MAN theater in London preceded KING CHARLES III, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ In order that THE OBJECT OF BEAUTY's pre GSR/TWN prophecy would be taken in the right way; and not the left way. ~ ~ Some of the best independently financed films that I have ever seen had six figure plus budgets. ~ ~ "Some of the things that my husband invests his money into are pretty crazy." Angelina Jolie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RED HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: That wealthy billionaire standing in the background, sporting a socialistic single red rose on his Taylor [Swift] RL suit lapel, represents the red horse who helps the white horse fight the black horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ ~ CORRECTION: Male homosexuality is what is punished by stoning to death in the Kingdom of God. Hot fucking to-the-max lesbianism, not so much. ~ ~ In other words; there is no such thing as bisexuality, et. There is only good or bad humanistic sexuality. ~ ~ PS MS PALTROW: Your award winning movie called SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE was about you making me feel all new and young again. And because of that, you get to look and feel like you are in your sexy horny twenties all over again for the next 50/50 years. ~ ~ Believe you me. You give me 10%, I make you look way more than 10% younger in the next 12 months. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Everything is going to go wrong that could possibly go wrong during your SHOWTIME shooting schedule can also mean that everything will start to go wrong around the world at the time. ~ ~ Which is not necessarily happening to you and your crew in North Bend in that order. ~ ~ Sorry about the head fake. I was thinking about my stepfather Leslie Winn. Who back in the late 50s slipped on a mossy rock and wounded his REV.13 forehead while fishing for native rainbow trout outside of North Bend on the upper middle [third way] fork of the Snoqualmie River. ~ ~ Hitler was right of course; too bad that he was also so much of a self righteous shortie idiot that he did not know how to help the lesser people with darker skin who were not as good as him. ~ ~ According to the BM, sometimes the niggers are even better than the Jews, yada yada.

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