Tuesday, September 15, 2015


One of those two old black and white movies on TV in THE BIG CHILL prophecy is called IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, at: http://www.cinemasterpieces.com/82011/itaug11.jpg ~ ~ As confirmed by those 13 self righteous Ephraimites among the seven hills of Hildale and Colorado City who were washed away on 9.14 in a symbolic REV.11-12-13 flash vision type flood. ~ ~ At the start of the feast of trumpets. When Trump was speaking to a huge political rally at the AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER in midnight cowboy Dallas, Texas. ~ ~ Because much like George C/Looney et al, they too believe that Trump is a thing of naught. ~ ~ Exactly like those high society Navy brass think in IT CAME FROM THE [REV.13:1] SEA after the research scientists discover on day 13 that it was a huge OCTOPUSY beast that had attacked the under-the-sea 666 atomic submarine from 666 Oakland, California; via 666 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Where Barack Obama was born, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Think FANTASY ISLAND meets THE MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN. Get it? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BIG TURN ON NOTES: The first draft for THE BIG CHILL had Annalynne McCord's 7.16 birthday date on it. ~ ~ As per, for example, when Sam asks Nick what the old movie on late night television is about, in the above 1983 movie, he does not know, and he does not care to know. Kind of like today's former left-wing college radical liberals who now have high paying jobs in the liberal media. Who don't want to know anything about the fact that Obama was born in Africa, and is now using a stolen 666 S.S. number. ~ ~ NOTES FOR SQUARES: Sometimes I AM is the Bobby character in Lynch's WILD AT HEART meets BLUE VELVET Big Tuna, Texas prophecy. Who can't wait to fuck Taylor Swift et al. ~ ~ That is if and when the timing is right, and the money is right. ~ ~ Think Louisiana Jack is now living in the lap of luxury on his wooded acreage property located in North Bend, Washington; after he had got a cool $2,000,000 in some quick cash payoff deal for his Hwy.410 property in Bonney Lake. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Everything that could possibly go wrong with your SHOWTIME shoot in Twin Peaks is going to happen. ~ ~ In other words; give me what I want, and I will leave you alone. ~ ~

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