Saturday, September 26, 2015


Now we can finally understand why Donald Trump blew up the up-und-coming 2016 election last summer. Per the 2004 NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy finale that was about a blond physically transfigured Hillary Clinton campaign banner that said, "WITH ME IT WILL BE SUMMER ALL YEAR LONG!" Complete with double REV.11 sunrise smiley face icons; double 666 number in the hands thing, and those two gay ass rainbow icons too; that were confirmed by the gay wedding scene that comes two months later after the end credits. ~ ~ Note the number 09 on Napoleon Dynamite's mixed taper that he got from his brother's 666 Internet amazon lover from Mitt Romney's Detroit. Her being one of those well bred negro ladies from the Troy, Michigan suburbs. ~ ~ Nothing wrong with that, per se. ~ ~ Even Joseph Smith once said that, "The negro is a natural gentleman." ~ ~ KING RALPH NOTES: Napoleon Dynamite gets the most explosive ball-buster orgasim of his life when the phoney baloney mail-order crystals time machine from West Palm Beach, Florida is set for 1982. ~ ~ Which was the exact same year that God strapped me down onto his dentist clinic chair throne and electrocuted me to death. Because I deserved it, like at: ~ ~ Sorry about being such a repetitive and negative sounding bore who is always right; but, "I don't know what else I can say..." Truman Capote. ~ ~ PBS JIM CAR/REY: Even my closest it-girl friends, and my most private collaborator confidants, like Gus Van Sant and David Lynch, never call me anymore, and they don't even want to have anything to do with me in their latest movies. ~ ~ "What am I, chopped liver?" THE BIG CHILL funeral film festival film, 1982-1983. ~ ~ At least I have Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld et al to fall back on and have a good time until things change for the better. ~ ~ SEE THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING AT: ~ ~ So what, half of your friends and family will end up hating you and leaving you, circa MATT.10: 34-39. ~ ~ Who needs them anyway to have a really good time? ~ ~ COKEVILLE NOTES: Cokeville, Wyoming is a prophetic part of today's NAPOLEON DYNOMITE election season context because it is located in Barack Obama's Lincoln County. ~ ~ In other words, the only reason why you all are still behaving like a bunch of white polite society adult Republicans in a John Hughes movie, set in Chicago in the 1980s, is because you still believe that Barack Obama is a moderate liberal Tom Hanks type Democrat; contrary to the actual BIG LOVE HBO facts, like at: ~ ~ Listen, just because I like to hang around the downstairs singles bar at the French [LAST TANGO IN PARIS] ch√Ęteau pensioners hotel in LA, because obviously that is where most of the hottest young bar flies in Hollywood are to be found and discovered, I'm not crazy. ~ ~

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