Sunday, September 6, 2015


My longtime graveyard shift girlfriends who get it in the end at TWN/GSR will understand the significance of the abomination of desolation awarding Stephen King and Sally Fields with a gold framed copy of his fake birth certificate on 9.10. ~ ~ Talk about stepping in it. ~ ~ Meanwhile back in Malibu, a hammer head shark bit the DAN.2 foot of a surfer in Woody Allen's upcoming period piece about Pierce Brosnan getting his head hammered. In confirmation of all of those HAMMER FILMs made in the UK in the 50s and 60s. ~ ~ Not to mention my own private Malibu Beach fuck film starring Miranda Kerr; that was made especially for me and her around the time, called... Oh shit, I can't even remembered what it was called right now; something about Paul Newman busting Jennifer Anniston, or something like that. And then my Mr.Bros. has a million dollar garage fire sale on "Beach Front Drive" that was to die for. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NFL Ă‘OTES: Could be complete bullshit. But I did hear something on the radio about Stephen King's New England PATRIOTS having their opening game against Rush Limbaugh's STEELERS this Thursday. Could this be a mega dittos confirmation of King's STORM OF THE CENTURY prophecy? Wherein the Jewish Bibi type right-wing populist Donald Trump goes head to head with that left-wing populist from Queens, Brooklyn named Bernie Sanders? ~ ~ Fuck it. This is September. The only month left in my life that really interests me anymore on a deep personal level. When I traditionally get the ROYAL COACHMAN peacock no.12 buckhair bug to go fly fishing for those tasty native rainbow trout in the Upper Stilly; and those exotic black spotted Montana cutthroats below the two Jordan Lakes of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Yeah whatever. Call me a geek, call me a queer, call me a Nazi homo; just don't call me late for dinner. ~ ~ ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME NOTES: In that movie about me, wherein we see a huge beer-lovers bithers billboard of Barack Obama in Saigon, Viet Nam, on the southern side of America... Fuck it. I can't even remember what I was going to say. Or even which iconic [INGLORIOUS BASTERDS meets M.A.S.H.] movie I was thinking about. Which reminds me, that old short balding Jew fuck who is still in change of what happens at SNL and the NYT has cast my wife Miley Cyrus as the host of their fall/winter season opening hunting season show. ~ ~ In my world, we hunt upland grouse in the fall, and we hunt ducks in the winter. ~ ~ PRODUCER NOTES: Last night I dreamed that any low budget film that has a character in it who wears a cowboy hat should hold off for now. Which would not preclude any TV Internet series or indie film prequel-sequel-remake series that features some character wearing a cowboy hat in the right context of my dream. ~ ~ In other words, THE HATEFUL 8 is probably a completely inspired SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL type deception inspiration from the devil in winter time; along the lines of Spencer W Kimball's swinging 70s revelation about the negro priesthood. Remember now, these were the years when I thought that I was married to Laurence Pierson in the Provo, Utah temple for all time and eternity. But it only lasted for just 5 of my younger foolish years; starting out with us living in a basement apartment on 5th South in Provo. At the very same time that Stephen and Ornellq Fresh were also liviving in a basement apartment in Provo off of 7th East. And then her 16ish sister Donatella came along from Napoli, Italia and spred her legs for me in her skin tight white denims, thereby completely knocking me out of my senses. ~ ~ PS DONNATELA: I am going to rescue and save every single one of your precious lost girlfriend sisters in Napoli and Roma. For let me know if I am forgetting anyone of them. ~ ~ If you are not happy with me, then I am not happy with me. ~ ~ For good sakes, who wants to make love with someone who does not love you?

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