Sunday, September 13, 2015

DON'T! .. STOP IT! .. DON'T!.. STOP IT! .. DON'T STOP IT!!...

What do you suppose is the most exciting thing about fucking a couple of underaged virgin hotties on your vintage restored 51' sailboat in Lake Washington? ~ ~ Is it the fantasy island idea about having a lucrative dream role union scale based salary, with full medical and dental benefits? ~ ~ And you see yourself in David Lynch's up and coming reborn again TWIN PEAKS Internet reality tv alternative extended-life career series? Just for the satisfaction of sticking to that bald Dr.Evil Jew fuck at ~ ~ Maybe. Maybe not. ~ ~ But I do know this. Matt Drudge posted that physically transfigured look alike image of Kenny Kemp for a reason, at: ~ ~ "You are fucking money baby!!" Vince Vaughn, SWINGERS, whenever, 1996 meets 20016. ~ ~ And I AM is no more of a crackpot than that inspired by God director who cast his Alison Roth look alike wife as the jet airliner stewardess in THE BIG CHILL meets SNAKES ON A PLANE. ~ ~ For example, Nick drives an old and aging pre-transfiguration 911 with a 9.14 liscence plate. That we see at half6time; when he gets stopped by a CAR 54 cop for speeding on meth/od actor type actor type cocaine. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FEAST OF TRUMPETS NOTES. This month's Jewish feast of trumpets in Brooklyn, NYC is going to be all about Donal Trump. Who is 99% Jewish of course; let's not kid ourselves. Never kid a kidder. ~ ~ PS REDFORD: Your new pint sized movie about the half-truth liberal media is about why you yourself is only about half as tall as a John Wayne or a Ronald Reagan. ~ ~ Therefore, this is why God wanted you to make it. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ Remember, my older and more shorter browneyed bipolar brother, Steven Relf, once barged into your round table discussion primerib restaurant chat at SUNDANCE; just to ask you for his back wages as a dishwasher.

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