Thursday, June 5, 2014


That symbolic 1941 military plane crashed in Imperial [Japan] California, at the end of Rt.111, after flying over the Chocolate Mountains on the same day that the darkie Barack Obama was attending the G7 mountains summit in Dr. Evil's home town in chocolate loving Belgium. ~ ~ No wonder that Steven Spielberg personally directed the star studded opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: III. ~ ~ See' em and weep, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO EXCUSES NOTES: I never need much of an excuse to update any one of the three prophetic AUSTIN POWERS movies. However, this time it's personal. ~ ~ Anyway you cut it, the best Israelitish Internet porn clip ever is still that one on, at: ~ ~ EARTH SHAKING NEWS NOTES: There was a strange 3.8 earthquake due west of Tumbling Shoals, Ark, due east of Clinton. According to all those spoken word revelations that have been posted on the Internet by the white trash trailer park prophets among the lost tribes of Israel. Which say that Mrs. Clinton is going to be instrumental in swallowing up the dirty waters rice paddy floods in REV.12; that are now threatening to drown the Mormon church lady with child in Utah. ~ ~ No wonder I have a rather special interest in young underaged teenage virgins who have no stretch marks on their tight little asses. ~ ~ Think Bill Murray goes to Thailand before and after his takes in LOST IN TRANSLATION. And Ms. Coppola was so naive about what was going on these days, that she didn't honestly know for sure if Bill would ever even show up on set in Tokyo, Japan.

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