Friday, June 6, 2014


That wanna be Minuteman militia dude who shot those three naive Dudley Do Rights up in Monckton, New Brunswick represented the undeniable reports by Lord Monckton about Barack Obama's obviously forged birth certificate and confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number, per the latest one at: ~ ~ Ergo the title of Mike Myers' new movie that opens today in LA and NYC, etc. ~ ~ And just what is the title of his latest inspired film? ~ ~ Fuck you. Look it up for yourself. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1941 NOTES: The race riots in 1979's WW III prophecy probably have something to do with that tank which wrecked all the colors of the homogaysexual rainbow at the [Larry] SINCLAIR PAINT CO. ~ ~ LEP 2 NOTES: I get all those free slices of DOMINOS pizza in the 1994 movie because so many of the sons of Israel were too late. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night at 12:33 am I was suddenly awaken by an eruption of loud FOURTH OF JULY type fireworks outside. ~ ~ Of course, when I sat up in my 1950s era sofa bed, I could hear only the complete sounds of silence. ~ ~ Which means, A) The long anticipated political fireworks are about to start. B) Maybe actually on July the 4th. C) Patriotic fireworks are traditionally a symbolic representation of the sounds of war. D) All of the above. ~ ~

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